MJ Research / Bio-Rad PTC-220, Dyad Thermal Cycler

MJ Research / Bio-Rad Thermal Cycler PTC-220, Dyad

The DNA Engine DYAD™ thermal cycler expands the envelope of discovery beyond the pioneering PTC-200 DNA Engine™ cycler. It has two times the capacity with a footprint only twice the size, providing very high throughput for laboratories that run massive quantities of reactions, such as sequencing or diagnostic labs.

Dyad thermal cyclers contain an onboard Pentium-class computer that delivers an advanced graphical interface-ideal for managing production-grade thermal cycling. For those labs that value quick training, the creation and editing of protocols can be accomplished rapidly and easily via the mouse-directed -point-and-click- navigation. Real-time displays of block, sample and lid temperatures provide quality assurance that the thermal cycler is performing as directed. Superior software features, such as error tracking logs, run tracking files, problem resolution trees and file management tools, offer invaluable information for troubleshooting during high throughput runs.

Manufacturer:MJ Research / Bio-Rad
Model No:PTC-220, Dyad
Product ID:9501

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