MJ Research / Bio-Rad PTC-150, MiniCycler Thermal Cycler

MJ Research / Bio-Rad Thermal Cycler PTC-150, MiniCycler

Thermal Cycler: MJ Research: PTC-150, MiniCycler

Features Fast Ramping: 60: up to 1C/ sec: 96: up to 1.4C/sec
Memory stores up to 80 programs
Method of heating/ cooling: Peltier-Joule
Temperature control methods: Block or calculated
Heated lid (optional):Available on new units, or can be factory retrofit
Thermal range:0C - 105C
Temperature accuracy: +/-0.3C of programmed target at 90C, NIST-traceable
Temperature uniformity: +/-0.4C well-to-well within 30 sec of arrival at 90C
Block: 16 x 0.5 ml tubes

Manufacturer:MJ Research / Bio-Rad
Model No:PTC-150, MiniCycler
Product ID:7175

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