Fluidigm Access Array System w/BMK-IFC-AX Controller and FC1 Cycler Arrayer:Analyzer

Fluidigm Arrayer:Analyzer Access Array System w/BMK-IFC-AX Controller and FC1 Cycler

General Lab Equipment:Arraying: Fluidigm: Access Array System

Qty 1) FC1 Cycler
Qty 2) BMK-IFC-AX Controllers

The Access Array™ System is comprised of a thermal cycler, a pre-PCR IFC Controller AX for loading samples, and a post-PCR IFC Controller AX for harvesting amplified products.

The Access Array System is the first high-throughput, target-enrichment system designed to work with all of the major next-generation sequencing instruments. The Access Array System enables the user to enrich multiple unique targets (such as exons) from a large number of samples, all at one time. The system combines the cost and throughput benefits of microfluidics with the proven performance and flexibility of PCR.

The Fluidigm IFC Controller AX is designed to prime and load 48.48 Access Array IFCs exclusively. One chip at a time, the AX sets up 2,304 reactions quickly and easily.

Key advantages include:

Automated setup of 48.48 Access Array IFCs
Significantly fewer liquid handling steps compared to conventional platforms
Self-contained and fully integrated design
Touch screen interface

The Fluidigm FC1 Cycler is specially designed for thermal cycling of Fluidigm Dynamic Array and Digital Array IFCs.

Key advantages include:

Highly efficient workflow for all applications
Easy scalability to meet throughput requirements
Familiar, easy to use interface

Model No:Access Array System w/BMK-IFC-AX Controller and FC1 Cycler
Product ID:7575

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