Digilab Hydroshear DNA:Sample Prep

Digilab DNA:Sample Prep Hydroshear

DNA: Sample Prep: Digilab: Hydroshear

Digilab HydroShear DNA Shearing is an automated, Point-Sink Shearer offering a simple and easy-to-use, reproducible, and controllable method of fragmenting DNA. The HydroShear DNA Shearing creates and controls hydrodynamic forces that work in conjunction with its innovative shearing assembly to shear DNA. A wide range of DNA samples are compatible with the HydroShear, and the shearing parameters can be adjusted to produce specific fragment lengths of DNA.

D 12” x W 5¼” x H 12¾”
Weight: 9 lbs (packaged 16 lbs)
Syringe (JHSH010002) Max capacity 500 μl
Small assembly (JHSH204006): Fragment size 850bp to 3kb – orifice size 0.0016”
Standard assembly (JHSH204004): Fragment size 1.4kb to 8 kb – orifice size 0.0025”
Large assembly (JHSH204007): Fragment size 4kb to >40kb – orifice size 0.0050”
Software version: v 2.0.9 compatible with Windows 98, 2000, NT, and XP

Model No:Hydroshear
Product ID:7579

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