Thermo Electron NA Cytomat 6070 Incubator:Automated

Thermo Electron NA Incubator:Automated Cytomat 6070

The Thermo Scientific Cytomat 6070 provides uniform temperature and humidity conditions and excellent parameter stability during loading and unloading at 70° C, virtually eliminating recovery times and minimizing assay variance.

When valuable assay samples are properly stored and accessed, research laboratories can achieve significant strides in productivity and efficiency.
That’s why laboratory equipment manufacturers and researchers worldwide depend on highly reliable Thermo Scientific Cytomat automated incubators and microplate storage systems. The robot-accessible Cytomat line is the established leader in the field:
• Provides continuous operation and maximum sample
• Incorporates more than 40 years’ experience in CO2
incubator technology
• Offers the industry’s broadest and deepest range of
automated incubators and storage modules
• Integrates seamlessly with all automated assay systems
• Furnishes superior conditions for automated cell-based
assays, cell cultures, bacterial assays, microarraying,
compound libraries, and other applications requiring
precise environmental control
• CE & CSA approval
• Operates laboratory for calibration of temperature
according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 (DKD certification)

The Cytomat system accommodates all standard microplate formats, and provides a choice of temperature (–20° C to 70° C) and humidity ranges, as well as gaseous atmospheres.
Cytomat incubators create ideal environmental conditions for cell-based assays. Cooled storage systems ensure an extremely dry climate with an inert atmosphere, minimizing DMSO water absorption. By contrast, primer hybridization systems create hot and humid conditions to minimize evaporation.
Both types emphasize reliable, stable environmental conditions for microplates. Results: reduced assay variance, excellent parameter uniformity, and virtual elimination of recovery times.
Superior Cytomat design and manufacturing quality provide incubation and storage with ISO 9001 quality certification.

Manufacturer:Thermo Electron NA
Model No:Cytomat 6070
Model No 2:50131108
Product ID:8192

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