Thermo Electron NA Cytomat 6001-H Incubator:Automated

Thermo Electron NA Incubator:Automated Cytomat 6001-H

Minimize plate movement and receive superior sample and plate tracking using Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat 6001. The 6001 established the Cytomat product line as the leader in wide range automated incubators, proven to provide extremely uniform and stable temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions in hundreds of automated systems worldwide. By providing uniform temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions, the Cytomat 6001 creates the most advantageous environment for automated assay systems. Unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability ensure that your processes can be fully reproduced, providing you with the same high quality results every time. The Cytomat 6001 offers a temperature range of from 10° to 50°C with a humidity level of up to 95%rH and storage for 189 standard microplates.

Capacity 189 standard 96 or 384 well plates
Voltage 120V
Features Max. 95% rH, constant at 37°C
Heat Dissipation 0.09kWh/h (307.1 BTU)
Model Cytomat 6001 C4
Temperature 10° to 50°C
Certifications/Compliance CE/CSA approved; CE Marked; QA/CE listed

Manufacturer:Thermo Electron NA
Model No:Cytomat 6001-H
Model No 2:50085618
Product ID:8915

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