HyperTask HyperStak 50 Microplate Stacker

HyperTask Microplate Stacker HyperStak 50

Ease of use
◦Removable, lightweight racks that accommodate variety of consumables, including most standard SBS-footprint consumables: 96, 384, 1536-well plates, minitubes, deepwells, covered or uncovered plates
◦Easy dispensing of pipet tip racks
◦Simple, robust design with smooth plate motion
◦Precision design minimizes maintenance requirements
◦Custom racks can be designed to handle non SBS-standard footprint consumables
Easy integration

◦No complicated interface required; can operate as standalone unit
◦No requirement for specific machine or robot; usable by many plate handling systems and robot gripper designs
◦Top-loading design provides single-point access, allowing easy teaching and efficient robot motions
◦Easy to teach height of consumables
◦Flexible robot access to plates (portrait/landscape)
◦Automatically reverts to input mode when empty
Efficient use of space

◦Small footprint 6.25 in. x 7.0 in. with power/input panel that can be relocated to allow flexible mounting
◦Multiple HyperStaks can be placed next to one another
◦Benchtop or thru-table mounting to allow better use of space (area behind HyperStak can be accessible)
◦Variety of mounting hardware options available for convenient customer installations

Future Options

◦RS-232 Control
◦Colored Racks
◦Petri-Dish Rack
◦Models with various capacities

System Requirements & Specifications

◦Flexible power requirements: 100-240 VAC input, 2 amps, 50/60 Hz
◦HyperStak39 capacity is 39 384-well microplates
◦HyperStak50 capacity is 50 384-well microplates

Model No:HyperStak 50
Product ID:7963

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