Tecan Te-Stack Base Unit Stacker:Automated

The Te-Stack module gives laboratories an efficient and affordable way to automate the storage, retrieval and delivery of microplates and disposable tips for unprecedented process throughput in a wide range of genomics, proteomics, and drug discovery applications. Te-Stack is designed to be integrated quickly and easily into Tecan’s Freedom EVO® platform and onto the Te-MO™ multi-channel pipetting option, both of which can accommodate multiple Te-Stacks for even greater processing speed and capacity. The Te-Stack column is an integrated module that fits several Tecan systems including Connect™ and AutoLoader™. This allows easy and rapid collection and transfer of plates from one system to the next in a highly integrated automation environment.

Each Te-Stack:

Handles microplates, deep-well plates, PCR plates etc. and accommodates a range of disposable tips
Holds up to 50 standard microplates or up to 12 tip boxes or up to 15 deep-well plates
Provides accelerated throughput through precise retrieval and delivery in less than 5 seconds
Eliminates programming-intensive operations that impede throughput and hamper process reliability
Has columns that can also be attached to Connect and AutoLoader

Capacity per Unit up to 50 microplates or 12 disp. tip boxes or 15 deep-well plates
Max. capacity when integrated to Freedom EVO up to 350 microplates or 105 deep-well plates in 8 columns (7 full + 1 empty)
max. 8 disposable tip racks for 1000 μl tips per stack column
max. 14 disposable tip racks for 200 μl/10 μl tips per stack column
Max. capacity when integrated to Te-MO up to 100 microplates or 30 deep-well plates
up to 12 disposable tip racks
Speed < 5 seconds access time
Compatibility Plate on SBS footprint:
Plates: microplates, deep-well plates, PCR plates and more
Disp. tips: 200 μl, 100 μl, 50 μl disp. tips for 96-ch. head; 1000 μl, 200 μl, 10 μl disp. tips for LiHa arm
Software: Freedom EVOware®, Gemini™, FACTS™
Dimensions: Height: 665 mm/Width: 180 mm/Length: 195 mm

Model No:Te-Stack Base Unit
Model No 2:612250
Product ID:9142b

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