Tecan Te-Stack Base Unit Stacker:Automated

Tecan Stacker:Automated Te-Stack Base Unit

Microplate Handler: Tecan: Te-Stack Base Unit

The Te-Stack module gives laboratories an efficient and affordable way to automate the storage, retrieval and delivery of microplates and disposable tips for unprecedented process throughput in a wide range of genomics, proteomics, and drug discovery applications. Te-Stack is designed to be integrated quickly and easily into Tecan’s Freedom EVO® platform and onto the Te-MO™ multi-channel pipetting option, both of which can accommodate multiple Te-Stacks for even greater processing speed and capacity. The Te-Stack column is an integrated module that fits several Tecan systems including Connect™ and AutoLoader™. This allows easy and rapid collection and transfer of plates from one system to the next in a highly integrated automation environment.

Speed < 5 seconds access time
Compatibility Plate on SBS footprint:
Plates: microplates, deep-well plates, PCR plates and more
Disp. tips: 200 μl, 100 μl, 50 μl disp. tips for 96-ch. head; 1000 μl, 200 μl, 10 μl disp. tips for LiHa arm
Software: Freedom EVOware®, Gemini™, FACTS™
Dimensions: Height: 665 mm/Width: 180 mm/Length: 195 mm

Model No:Te-Stack Base Unit
Model No 2:612250
Product ID:7360b

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