Seiko Epson ProSix S5-A701S Microplate Handler

Seiko Epson Microplate Handler ProSix S5-A701S

ProSix S5-Series robots offer superior performance along with compact and powerful slave controller. Whether you need high speed, low vibration, higher payloads, more reach or robots for special environment there's an S5 robot that fits the bill
Slimline with a long reach

The S5 has a rigid arm design combined with advanced servo control technology which results in high speed motion and low vibration, even on high precision, high speed cycles.
Flexible installation

S5 six-axis robots feature brakes on all axes and have the flexibility to be installed in tabletop, wall or ceiling mount configurations.
Keeping you in control

The Epson ProSix S5 can be controlled selectively via the Epson RC180 - the smallest and lightest controller in its performance class on the market.

Key Features

Advanced servo technology: Low vibration, even during high-speed operations
Extensive mounting options: Floor, wall, ceiling, recessed and inclined mounting are possible
Versatile and flexible: An ideal solution for applications from automotive to pharmaceutical
Fully integrated: Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
Strength without weight: Impressive lifting capability without added weight or bulk

ProSix (6 axis robot)
nom. 2 kg, Max. 5 kg
Reach horizontal
706 mm
+/- 0,02 mm
Range of operation
J1: +/- 170 °, J2: + 65 ° / - 150 °, J3: + 190 ° / - 70 °, J4: +/- 190 °, J5: +/- 135 °, J6: +/- 360 °
Max. Operating Speed
J4: 450 °/s, J5: 450 °/s, J6: 720 °/s, J1: 376 °/s, J2: 350 °/s, J3: 400 °/s
Moment of Inertia
J4: 0,3 kg*m², J5: 0,3 kg*m², J6: 0,1 kg*m²
User Wires Electric
1x D-Sub 15 pin
User Wires Pneumatic
2x 6mm Ø
Product weight
36 kg
Epson RC180, Epson RC620 / RC620+
Mounting option
Cleanroom protection class
Power and signal cable
3m, 5m, 10m, 20m
Machinery Directive: EN 60204-1, EMC Directive: EN 55011, EMC Directive: EN 60950, RoHS Directive: 2002/92/EC, ANSI/RIA: R15.06-1999

Manufacturer:Seiko Epson
Model No:ProSix S5-A701S
Product ID:9633

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