Caliper Zymark Twister II Stacker:Automated

Caliper Zymark Stacker:Automated Twister II

Microplate Handler: Zymark Caliper: Twister II

The Twister II Microplate Handler is more than a high capacity plate stacker, it's also a plug-and-play bench top automation solution, offering increased capacity, flexibility and ease-of-use software. Following in the footsteps of it predecessor, the Twister, Twister II affords users the ability to automate many lab instruments and even build completely automated workcells. With up to 400 standard microplate capacity, Twister II provides extended hours on walk away time for scientists and researchers. The extended vertical reach of Twister II is best exploited when used with iBLOX modular system tables, allowing instruments to be housed at multiple levels thus reducing floorspace requirements. Over 1000 Twister II units have been shipped, making it hands down the industry standard robotic plate mover for life science automation.

• Increased capacity expands to up to 400 plates, allowing plenty of walk-away time.
• Arm extension of 8.5" and wrist rotation of 270° enhance integration capabilities and simplify set-up.
• iLink software provides “Point and Shoot” operation with up to three separate devices.
• CLARA compatibility ensures scalability to expand to larger systems.
• Transport that is four times faster than original Twister permits higher laboratory throughput.
• 5 axes of motion - make Twister II compatible with virtually any instrument adapter.
• Compact size and removable stacks ensure the flexibility to fit in limited space.

Manufacturer:Caliper Zymark
Model No:Twister II
Model No 2:w/Pod
Product ID:4451

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