Innovadyne Technologies Platemaker HTS 96+8 Dispenser:Automated

Innovadyne Technologies Dispenser:Automated Platemaker HTS 96+8

The Platemaker HTS instrument is designed to offer both high-throughput liquid transfers and reagent additions on one integrated platform. Like the Nanodrop™, Innovadyne’s Platemaker HTS incorporates the company’s proprietary non-contact dispense technology, coupled with traditional syringe dispensing. The result is a next generation workstation, which enables the dispensing of reagents of widely varying viscosity across a broad volume range (nanoliters to microliters) with excellent precision and accuracy.

The unique combination of a 96-channel, non-contact dispense head coupled to an 8-channel, non-contact/contact dispense capability facilitates a variety of applications from HTS to protein crystallography. Additionally, individual control of each channel allows customized liquid handling on a per well basis enabling applications such as normalization, dispensing of gradients, multiplexing and the dispensing of unique plate maps such as molecular diagnostic assays. The product features the Nanobuilder software system that enables a wide range of applications and data manipulation


Non-contact and contact dispensing on one platform
Reliable valve free flow path
Exceptional dynamic range (nanoliters to milliliters)
High-speed sample transfer and reagent addition
Independent operation of each channel (no manifolds)
Fast washing of all tips
Individual channel articulation
High-resolution, 5-plate stage (96, 384, and 1536 formats)
Deep well and crystal plate formats supported
Easy daily maintenance and installation procedures Applications

Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 42 × 74 in

Manufacturer:Innovadyne Technologies
Model No:Platemaker HTS 96+8
Product ID:9753

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