Formulatrix Tempest w/Stacker Dispenser

Formulatrix Dispenser Tempest w/Stacker

The Tempest is a non-contact, bulk reagent dispenser. It can be configured to simultaneously deliver up to 12 reagents through 96 individually controlled nozzles, and is capable of dispensing any volume of any reagent into any well.

Modular :
The modular dispense head can accept up to 12 easily replaceable chips, each containing 8 dispense nozzles. Flexible :
The Tempest has 12 reagents inputs and supports virtually all SBS plate types while providing robot accessibility and optional plate stacking. Reliable :
Dispenses using our proven non-contact microdiaphragm pump technology via positive displacement with no risk of clogging. Low Dead Volume :
Non-recoverable dead volume of less than 40μL, and a dead volume of 100μL using pipette tip dispensing. Chemical Compatibility :
Using optional perfluoroelastomer chips, the Tempest can dispense most aggressive solvents

Physical Dimensions
Width: 525mm (20")
Depth: 325mm (13")
Height: 215mm (8.5")
Weight: 9kg (20lbs)

Electrical Specifications
110-240V, 50-60Hz, 130W typical, 200W max. Standard or European outlet

Model No:Tempest w/Stacker

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