Apricot Designs Total Pipetting Solution Liquid Handler

Apricot Designs Liquid Handler Total Pipetting Solution

Liquid Handler: Apricot Designs: TPS-96/384

The Total Pipetting Solution (TPS) pipettor series are built on an open-deck platform that offers flexibility and expandability for expanded operations and increased throughput as well as flexibility to add extra devices such as shakers, heaters, coolers and magnetic bead separators. The TPS offers an excellent open platform that can be integrated with robotics in order to fully automate an assay or a sample prep process.

The TPS series uses Apricot Designs’ unique head design which employs high-precision manufacturing to produce reasonably-priced heads that are independent of the pipetting mechanism. The TPS electronically clamps the pipetting heads in a manner of seconds, allowing simple and easy set-up for the task at hand. It will automatically index the pipetting head via software programming if necessary for accessing 384-well plates with a 96-channel version or 1536-well plates with a 384-channel version. It also will automatically index for performing serial dilutions by column or row. The TPS will also automatically load and unload Apricot Designs ESP disposable pipette tips. The low-force loading requirement for ESP tips makes the TPS-384 model easier to use and more reliable.

Features and Benefits

Flexible design for for liquid transfers and pipetting operations for 96 and 384-well microplates and can also be used for serial dilutions by row or column.
Uses the unique easy-change head system from Apricot Designs, allowing the user to build a diverse head library with a reasonable investment. The heads are interchangeable with other Apricot pipettors.
Uses the unique ESP disposable tips for the simplest and most reliable automated tip loading.
Select from 6, 12 or 15 deck positions that can be used for plates, reservoirs, or tips for optimal walkway automation.
Intuitive graphical user interface via serial interface control.
Small footprint


Dispensing Precision <3% CV at 1 ul (TPS-96L/TPS-384) <3% CV at 5 ul (TPS-96H)
Dispensing Accuracy +/- 2% at 1 ul (TPS-96L/TPS-384) +/- 2% at 10 ul (TPS-96H)
Resolution 0.1 ul (TPS-96L/TPS-384/TPS-24) 1 ul (TPS-96H)
Pipette Volume 0.5 - 125 ul (TPS-96L/TPS-384/TPS-24) 1-550 ul (TPS-96H)
Dimensions (TPS-24) 23"W x 21"D x 23"H 585W x 535D x 585H mm
(TPS-96/TPS-384 3x4) 35"W x 23"D x 27"H 889W x 585D x 686H mm
(TPS-96/TPS-384 3x5) 41"W X 23"D x 27"H 1042W x 585D x 686H mm
Weight (TPS-24) Approx. 120 lbs (55 kg) (TPS-96/TPS-384) Approx. 190 lbs (95 kg)
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
Operating Temperature 50 - 100 ºF

Manufacturer:Apricot Designs
Model No:Total Pipetting Solution
Model No 2:TPS-96-34
Product ID:7251

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