Apricot Designs Personal Pipettor Liquid Handler

Apricot Designs Liquid Handler Personal Pipettor

Description of PP-96H Series:
The Apricot Personal Pipettor is an entry-level liquid handling instrument offering a unique interchangeable pipetting head system for automated pipetting into 96-well & 384-well microplates. Apricot systems are available in single or 4-position models with dispense ranges from 1 µL to 550 µL. At a dispense volume of 1 µL, the Apricot Pipettor offers <5% CV for unmatched precision. Choose between either disposable tips or stainless steel, Teflon®-coated probes in 96- or 384- tip configurations. Labware can be automatically indexed to 96-well & 384-well plates.

* Flexible design for liquid transfers and pipetting operations for 96 and 384-well microplates and can also be used for serial dilutions by row or column.
* Uses the unique easy-change head system from Apricot Designs, allowing the user to build a diverse head library with a reasonable investment. The heads are interchangeable with other Apricot pipettors.
* 5-position deck with wash station allows walkaway plate reformatting of 4x96 to 1x384 or 1x384 to 4x96.
* Intuitive graphical user interface via serial interface control via a Pocket PC or laptop/PC.
* Small footprint conserves bench space and fits easily into suitably-sized hoods.

* Fixed tip heads with 8, 12 and 96 channels.
* Disposable tip heads with 8, 12 or 96 channels for
* Apricot 550 tips or Biomek® FX tips.
* Tip washing system with recirculating pump.
* Optional Bluetooth wireless control for serial connection to computer.

* Serial dilution (by row or column).
* Plate replication.
* Plate reformatting.
* Reagent addition.
* Compound addition.
* SPE (PP-96H-H model).

* Dispensing Precision: (L) <2% CV at 1 ul / (H) <2% CV at 5 ul
* Dispensing Accuracy: (L) +/- 1% at 1 ul / (H) +/- 1% at 10 ul
* Resolution: (L) 0.1 ul (H) 1 ul
* Pipette Volume: (L) 0.5-125 (H) 1-550 ul
* Dimensions: (-M) 28”W x 19”D x 23.5”H / 711W x 483D x 597H mm
(-H) 28”W x 19”D x 26”H / 711W x 483D x 660H mm
* Operating Width: 39.5”/1003mm (all models)
* Weight Approx.: 98 lbs (45 kg)
* Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
* Operating Temperature: 50 - 100 ºF

Manufacturer:Apricot Designs
Model No:Personal Pipettor
Model No 2:PP-96H-DS
Product ID:8781

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