Agilent Velocity 11 Element Microplate Processing System

Agilent Velocity 11 Microplate Processing System Element

The Element is Velocity11’s latest offering in automated sample processing systems. The open platform provides easy access to all components and makes reconfiguration straightforward and quick. The wrist action of the robotic arm allows for efficient placement of all instruments and easy integration with a large variety of different equipment. The extended vertical travel of the robotic arm gives the option to accommodate complex applications in a very compact footprint.

Instruments with a larger footprint can conveniently be integrated outside the table frame. The quality of the table construction and the high-end infrastructure (power, communication, air) contribute to the robustness, reliability, and usability of the system. In combination with the power of VWorks, Velocity11’s renowned automation control software, the system will provide customers with a versatile, compact, and very competitive solution to run a large variety of applications.


• Compact footprint, saving valuable lab space

• Open architecture allows easy and close interaction between system and customer

• Reconfigurable to quickly changing needs

• High productivity due to short implementation times

• Outstanding service and support, wiht excellent customr care in every situation

Hardware Features

•2 standard table sizes: 48 in x48 in and 48 in x 60 in

•Flexible positioning of the robotic arm

•Incubator integration under table

•Robotic arm is compatible with ANSI compatible microplates, including deepwell, tube racks and tip boxes

•System is fully configurable and customizable for specific applications and requirements

•Efficient architecture provides maximum flexibility and productivity while using minimal lab space

Software Features

•Intuitive user interface features icon-based protocol editor facilitating rapid protocol development

•Protocols support multiple plate types in linear and parallel process flows

•Integrated labware database automatically configures system to handle different labware as required

•Event-driven controller ensures highest instrument utilization and maximum system productivity

•Flexible controller allows trouble-shooting and protocol optimization without process interruption

•Powerful error recovery options minimize downtime and sample loss

•Extensive system diagnostics facilitate troubleshooting and protocol development

Robotic Arm Specifications

Maximum Payload: 2 kg (4.4 lb)

Radial Travel, R: 300 mm (11.8 in)

Vertical Travel, Z: 470 mm (18.5 in)

Base Rotation: 324 degrees

Wrist Rotation: 330 degrees

Speed (Maximum):
Arm Extend: 480 mm/s (19 in/sec)
Vertical Travel:500 mm/s (19 in/sec)
Base Rotate:288 deg/sec
Wrist Rotate: 380 deg/sec

Arm Extend: 0.20 mm (0.008 in)
Vertical Travel: 0.05 mm (0.002 in)

Weight: 17 kg (38 lb)

Power: 24 VDC, 4 A In-Line Supply

Compliance: CE, FCC

Manufacturer:Agilent Velocity 11
Model No:Element
Model No 2:18669.001
Product ID:7819

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