Inheco Thermoshake RM Thermal, Shaker/Heater

Inheco Thermal, Shaker/Heater Thermoshake RM

Technical Data incl. Dimensions
Thermoshake RM p/n 7100144
116 mm [4.567 in] Length x width147 mm x 104 mm [5.787 in x 4.095 in]
Input voltage / max. current24Vdc / 5.3Adc
Temperature range+4°C to +70°C [+39.2°F to +158°F]
Maximum ∆T (=Tambient- Ttarget)25°C (cooling mode only)[77°F]
NoiseMax. 42dB(A)
Maximum load1.0 kg (→ also performance curve)
Shaker frequency weight reduce the max. speed100 to 2000 rpm(→ also performance curve)
Shaking amplitude 2 mm [0.07874 in]
Shaking pattern Orbital, linear (diagonal, lengthways, sideways)
Protection Category IP 22
Weight including cables3.5 kg [7.7 lbs]

Model No:Thermoshake RM
Model No 2:7100144-B
Product ID:9994b

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