Digital Security Controls DSC MAXSYS 2-Reader Access Control

DSC (Digital Security Controls) Access Control MAXSYS 2-Reader

Access Control Module: DSC (Digital Security Controls): MAXSYS 2-Reader: PC4020

w/Extra PC4820 v1.30 Board
2 reader access control
2 single reader doors or 1 door with entry/exit readers
flexible card holder privileges
assign individual access privileges by door & by schedule
define user rights to permit arming & disarming by partition
designate “privileged” users who are authorized to validate access for “wait for privileged” users (guardian function)
full stand-alone operation… complete card database & all programming is maintained in the PC4820’s non-volatile memory
each module has its own time clock
in the event of power failure or PC4010/4020 system failure, each PC4820 access control module is capable of full operation on battery as a stand-alone access control system
arm/disarm partitions & postpone autoarm by access card or access card and code…from outside the protected space

arm & disarm from outside the protected partition to reduce false alarms caused by entry/exit errors
to disarm… use a valid* card on a reader assigned to a partition to unlock the door and disarm the partition when the user opens the door.
to arm… ensure that partition is secure, then use a valid* card on reader and activate the ARM input (usually a supervised pushbutton).
to postpone autoarm… while a partition’s autoarm pre-alert is sounding, use a valid* card on any reader assigned to the partition and activate the POST input (usually a supervised pushbutton). Autoarm will be postponed for up to 255 minutes,after which the system will attempt to autoarm again.

* a valid card is one which has been programmed to perform the indicated function on a specified partition during a valid time for that user

64 access levels
99 seven-day schedules
4 time intervals per schedule
4 two year holiday groups - 730 holidays
individual door-unlock schedules
automatic switching between daylight savings & standard time
program via keypad, or via computer with DLS-2 downloading software
non-volatile RAM
does not lose programming when powered down
fully supervised by PC4010/CF & PC4020/CF control panels for :
lock trouble - reader low power trouble
low battery - AC failure
tamper - auxiliary power trouble
door held open activates reader sounder
door forced open activates reader sounder and sets off zone alarm if system is armed

Manufacturer:Digital Security Controls DSC
Model No:MAXSYS 2-Reader
Model No 2:PC4020
Product ID:4926

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