Wave Biotech Sterile Tube Fuser IRC Tube Fuser:IRC, Sterile

Wave Biotech Tube Fuser:IRC, Sterile  Sterile Tube Fuser IRC

Bioreactor System: Wave Biotech: Sterile Tube Fuser IR: F6721

The Sterile Tube Fuser provides a complete solution to aseptic fluid handling in pharmaceutical and biotech environments. This product allows for leak proof aseptic connections and thermal seals of large bore thermoplastic tubing. The Sterile Tube Fuser is a fully automated device for welding together thermoplastic tubing in a sterile operation without the need for a laminar flow cabinet. The machine is useful for connecting tubing between sterile containers, bags, and process equipment. The unit can connect large diameter (up to 7/8” OD) tubing for the rapid and easy transfer of large volumes. Major uses are bioprocessing and aseptic pharmaceutical applications. The compact Sterile Tube Fuser (STF-IRc) uses infrared technology to control depyrogenation and welding temperatures. Disposable, single-use, PTFE coated blades are used in the process. Applications
• Sterile media and buffer transfer.
• Connection of bioreactors for feed and harvest.
• Process fluid transfer.
• In-process pooling.
• Final fill operations.
• Welds any thermoplastic tubing from 6.4mm to 22.2mm OD (¼ in. to 7/8 in.) using
interchangeable holders.
• Wet welding of 6.4,11.2,12.5 and 15.5mm OD C-Flex available in STF-IRcWW model.
• Use C-Flex®, PharMed®, Tygon®/PVC or similar tubing.
• Thermal weld provides exceptional strength.
• Make aseptic connections without a laminar flow cabinet.
• New, more compact design; portable.
• User-programmable for various tubing types.
• Requires only electrical service. 110/220VAC universal voltage.
• Proven, validated performance for GMP operations.

Manufacturer:Wave Biotech
Model No:Sterile Tube Fuser IRC
Model No 2:F6721
Product ID:6233

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