Wave Biotech 20/50EHT Rev A Bioreactor System

Wave Biotech Bioreactor System 20/50EHT Rev A

Bioreactor System: Wave Biotech: 20/50EHT:

Digital speed and temperature controls
Digital electronic PID controller maintains precise control of temperature, speed, and angle. These industry-standard units do not require user programming and considerably ease the burden of equipment validation. Outputs can be analog for recorders or digital (MODBUS) for data acquisition systems.

Servo electric motor with programmable acceleration profile for efficient wave action
A geared brushless DC servo motor is used for rocking. This motor is programed to follow a precise speed and acceleration profile that has been determined to be optimal for cell culture. Safety switches will shut the rocker off in the event of over-torque, over-temperature, or in the unlikely event someone gets their hand under the rocking platform. The rocking angle can be changed electronically to precisely match the needs of different cell types.

Network-ready data acquisition jacks
Data jacks are provided on the rear panel for communications and data acquisition. RS485 is used in order to daisy-chain multiple units on one line and to enable transmission distances up to 4000m. Our PCDAQ software can be used for data logging or you can interface to any software package that supports the industry-standard MODBUS RTU protocol.

Load cell option for real-time weighing and perfusion control
Load cells can be mounted under the rocking tray to measure the Cellbag weight during rocking. A moment-compensated design is largely unaffected by the rocking motion. The load cell allows accurate measurement of the Cellbag and the built-in pump controller can be used for feeding, harvesting, and perfusion operations.

Heater Pad and Surface RTD Temperature Sensor
SYSTEM20/50 is made of rugged die-cast aluminum and stainless steel. The housing is fully gasketed to prevent moisture ingress. This is critical for reliable operation in high humidity cell culture incubators.

Quick-release bag holders can hold various Cellbags
The HOLDER trays have two cam-locks to quickly and securely lock the Cellbag in place. This mechanism allows Cellbags to be changed out in minutes and ensures that they cannot be installed incorrectly. The HOLDER is made of stainless steel and aluminum and can be autoclaved if needed. Holders are an integral part of the KIT20 and KIT50 units.

The speed and temperature measurement are available on the back panel as voltages for chart recorders. In addition, a unit alarm is available on the back panel jack. This is a dry contact output that can be used to interface to user alarm monitoring systems.

Manufacturer:Wave Biotech
Model No:20/50EHT Rev A
Product ID:7094

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