Next Advance Freedom Rocker Rocker System

Next Advance Rocker System Freedom Rocker

Automate your processing / washing of Western, Northern, and Southern blots and gels. Ideal for unattended staining of gels.

Simply place your blots or gels or slide trays, set the program, connect the bottles/tubes of reagents and walk away. The microcontroller in the Freedom Rocker™ will ensure that the reagents and washes will receive the same reagent or wash buffer at the same time in equal volumes. Multi-dispense models can even dispense one different reagent to each tray, i.e. primary or secondary antibody.
Improve Consistency and Accuracy

By automating the processing of blots and gels, the Freedom Rocker yields very consistent and accurate blots, gels,and slides. The Freedom Rocker automatically dispenses and aspirates equal volumes of reagents from multiple trays simultaneously. The samples in all the trays will experience the exact same protocol.
Increase Productivity and Get Results Sooner

The Freedom Rocker automates the processing of blots and gels. Start processing a blot before you leave today and have it ready for you tomorrow morning. The Freedom Rocker allows your to process blots and gels anytime... even during meetings or overnight. No need to wait until the next morning to start processing.

Manufacturer:Next Advance
Model No:Freedom Rocker
Model No 2:FRDM RCKR 42
Product ID:8134

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