Invitrogen BenchPro 4100 Card Processing Station

Invitrogen Card Processing Station BenchPro 4100

For automated processing of routine washing and reagent
incubation steps of standard laboratory procedures Environmental Conditions
Input Power:
100–240 VAC, 3.0 Amps, 50–60 Hz
Installation site:
Indoor use only
Up to 2,000 meters
Operating Temperature:
Maximum Relative Humidity:
80% for te
mperatures up to 31ºC decreasing
linearly to 50% relati
ve humidity at 40ºC
Noise Level:
<70 dBa
Instrument Type:
Benchtop processor unit with 4 slots
Sample Processing:
1 to 4 membranes/run
Processing Time:
Variable (see
each protocol for details)
Instrument Dimensions:
18.6 inches (w) × 23.9 inches (d) × 12.7 inches (h)
30 pounds (13.6 kg)
Built-in Features:
tal display, light LED
The BenchPro

4100 Card Processing Station including the BenchPro

4100 Western
Card is compatible with standard nonhazardous laboratory reagents.
Do not
organic solvents in the card or with the instrument.

The BenchPro

4100 Western Cards are used with the BenchPro

4100 Card
Processing Station and are available from Invitrogen (page
33). For details on the

4100 Western Cards, see page
5. The specifications for the BenchPro

4100 Western Cards are listed below:
Card Dimensions:
18.5 cm × 16 cm
Card Materials:
Mixed plastics and metal foil
Membrane Size:
Suitable for use with mini blot (8.5 × 8.5 cm)
Card Tip Dimensions:
13.2 cm × 6.5 mm

Model No:BenchPro 4100
Product ID:8277

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