Invitrogen Countess II Automated Cell Counter Cell Counter

Invitrogen Cell Counter Countess II Automated Cell Counter

The new Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter is a benchtop assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics, full autofocus, and image analysis software for rapid assessment of cells in suspension.

• Accurate—use the Countess II Automated Cell Counter to eliminate the subjectivity of manual cell counting and user-to-user variability
• Fast—the Countess II Automated Cell Counter provides a total cell count, reports viability, and measures average cell size in as little as 10 seconds
• Convenient—the Countess II Automated Cell Counter requires no cleaning or routine maintenance. A capacitive touchscreen and simple user interface provides quick startup and requires minimal training.

Capacity: One 2-chamber disposable slide
Cell Size: 4-60 µm (detection), 7-60 µm (viability)
Concentration: 1x10^4-1x10^7 cells⁄mL
Detection Method: Brightfield
Dimensions: 9 in (228.6 mm) W x 5.5 in (139.7 mm) D x 9 in (228.6 mm) W
Display Interface: 7" Capacitive touch screen
Field: 2.15 mm x 1.62 mm (3.48 mm2)
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Instrument Memory: USB Stick
Product Line: Countess®
Product Size: 1 instrument
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Weight: 8 lbs

Model No:Countess II Automated Cell Counter
Product ID:9785

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