Who's Driving This Thing?!

Driverless car with man sitting in the passenger seat
You know where we're going, right?
Driverless car with man sitting in the passenger seat
You know where we're going, right?

Ever seen one of those driverless cars? I can't imagine sitting passively by while the mostly unmanned vehicle brought me to my destination. But hey! Who knows? Check back with me in a few years when the technology is more widely available. For those of us who work in labs, we can sometimes feel the same way about our machines.

Until fairly recently, lab automation has always had a bit of a manual element to it. In the beginning, the automation WAS manual! Even now, if you have machines for parts of automation, you likely still need a person in some way. Whether it's for recording results, loading and unloading samples, or perhaps even for pipetting by hand, there's no substitute for the human touch. Or is there?

Accuracy is of the utmost importance in a lab, and a robot can provide unparalleled levels of both accurate results and repeatable methods. There are robots for nearly every aspect of the automation process. Plate movers, shakers, readers, handlers, labellers, washers, sealers, sorters. The same for tubes! At this point, if you've got a problem, there's an automated solution for it. All that needs to happen manually is plugging it in. 

But what's the right choice for YOU, and for your lab? Well, that still requires some human input. It takes a knowledgable person to talk with you about your applications, methods, and goals to help you find the right automated solution. Whether it's a full integrated lab, or a missing piece to help things run more smoothly, the right answer helps keep you in control. If you want more information on the automation solutions that are right for you, visit Biodirect Solutions, Inc. online, email us here, or call (888)411-2463.

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