Increase your Throughput... Not your Budget!

Biodirect Demo Lab
Biodirect Demo Lab

Need a medium or high throughput, screening solution fast and at an affordable price? As the leader in quality certified pre-owned laboratory automation solutions, we can help!

We offer a wide selection of the best and most current pre-owned lab automation technologies in the market today. Just let us know your application, desired throughput, space requirements, and product preference and we’ll assemble, configure, integrate and program the right system for you at a savings of up to 50% of the original cost.  We can also provide training and support for up to one year on all parts & labor. The best part is that you get everything you need in half of the time when compared with new system build & delivery schedules. All of our products come with certification and service contract eligibility.

We can provide everything from the liquid handler, microplate handler, reagent dispenser, microplate sealer, microplate reader, automated incubator, microplate storage devices, shakers, temperature controlled locators, tables, PC workstations, scheduling software, installation, integration, & training. 

You can choose liquid handlers like the Agilent (Velocity11) Bravo, Agilent (Velocity11) Vprep, Tecan Freedom EVO, Beckman Coulter Biomek FX series, Biomek NX series, Perkin Elmer Janus series, Hamilton STAR series, Caliper SciClone, CyBio series, Thermo PlateMate, BioTek Precision, & Eppendorf epMotion series.  We can include microplate readers like the Molecular Devices SpectraMax series, Perkin Elmer Envision Series, Perkin Elmer ViewLux, Tecan Safire & Infinite series, BioTek Synergy series, BMG POLARstar, BMG PHERAstar, BMG RUBYstar, and the Thermo line of readers.  As for the microplate sealers & labelers, we offer the Thermo AbGene ALPS-300, Thermo ALPS-3000, the popular Agilent (Velocity11) PlateLoc systems, the Agilent (Velocity11) Vcode labeler, and the CAB A2+ 600-DPI printer.

Our offering of automated incubators and carousels include the Tecan Carousel HS, Thermo Cytomat 6000 series, the ambient Cytomat Carousel, the Cytomat 44 compound storage system, the Liconic LPX series ambient carousel, and the Liconic STX series of incubators.  As for microplate handling products, we can include Tecan the TE-Stack, Caliper Twister & Twister II, the Perkin Elmer PlateStak, and Thermo CRS Catalyst series of robots.  Other integrated devices can include microplate washers like the BioTek ELX 405 series, the ELX 406 series, Tecan PowerWash series, Tecan HydroFlex, and the Molecular Devices AquaMax series.  You can also add bulk reagent dispensers like the BioTek MicroFlo Select & uFill, the Perkin Elmer FlexDrop series, the Thermo LabSystems Multidrop 96/384, Multidrop Combi & Multidrop Combi nL, and the Thermo Matrix WellMate & SerialMate. We also carry a wide assortment of deckware, accessories and options for just about everything we sell; if not we can custom build the solution that is right for you. 

All of these systems can be integrated using the PAA Overlord or Thermo Momentum software.

So let’s recap... you choose the components you want, you pay close to half of the original price, you get it in a half of the time, and it’s guaranteed for up to a year and you get excellent customer service without any bias or restrictions. 

So remember, increase your throughput... not your budget!

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Biodirect is a Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business

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