Giving Back

STEM Mentoring

Giving Back

Biodirect is proud to support STEM education in our local community.  Two of our employees serve on the Advisory Board for our local technical school's fledgling Biotechnology Program.  It is very exciting to provide information and assistance to the instructors.  We discuss and make recommendations on trends in the industry, types of equipment in the lab, and new and exciting careers that are available.  Also, we assist in making connections in the industry to enable the students to achieve Co-Op and Internship opportunities.  Biodirect also donates equipment, not only to this program, but to other deserving programs in Academia.

It is feels great to give back and assist in mentoring the next generation of scientists, researchers, educators and engineers.  With the advent of the electronic age, remote mentoring is even possible!  Please consider giving a few hours of your time here and there to support STEM.  If you can't spare the time, consider making a donation of equipment.  Most businesses have at least one piece of equipment that is in great, functioning condition that is not being used.  It is also a tax deduction!!

In a month or so, Biodirect will be hosting a field trip from the Biotechnology Program at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical High School.  Everyone is really excited about the visit.  We will provide pictures and an update in April.

Stay tuned...same bat time...same bat channel!


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