Facing a "Mission Impossible" scenario?

Your daily workload far exceeds the time you have to complete it...sound familiar?  Juggling between QC runs and the ever increasing development of new methods puts a tremendous strain on your day-to-day and increases "person-hour" requirements, usually leaving you with a deficit.  Often times this seems like a "Mission Impossible" scenario for many of us.  You already have enough on your plate (pardon the pun).

If "Mission Impossible" scenarios are the norm for you, then it is time to re-evaluate your work flow, processes and research tools.  Have you considered automation as a way to improve throughput, efficiency, accuracy and reduce stress?  What processes can you automate that will free up you or your researchers to actually focus on science?  These self-evaluations are tough to do for most of us.  However difficult, they are increasingly important and constant.  The addition of basic automation can dramatically improve your lab's productivity.  Even elimination tedious tasks such as manually feeding plates into an instrument can help improve the overall morale of your lab personnel.

As we head into the new year, take a good look at what might be considered "Mission Impossible" scenarios in your lab to see if automation maybe able to turn the impossible into the possible.  Sometimes, the only difference between possible and impossible is "im".

Please reach out to Biodirect to determine what processes and/or tasks can be automated in your lab.  Our staff of solutions consultants are trained to help you find the right, low-cost, certified pre-owned solution for your lab's unique requirements.

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