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Biodirect Used Liquid Handlers
Biodirect Used Liquid Handlers

Biodirect consistently maintains an ever-changing inventory of used laboratory equipment.  There are over 870 products, components and replacement parts tagged and inventoried throughout our 22,000 sq. foot warehouse.  Many have sold to BioPharma Groups, Start-up Labs and Universities among many other organizations throughout the United States as well as International.

High-throughput automation systems such as Beckman Coulter Biomek FXBeckman Coulter Biomek NXTecan Freedom EVO, and Eppendorf epMotion are among the few ready to be processed with our Quality Assurance and 180-Day Warranty.

We hope our website helps you locate the refurbished laboratory equipment that you have been looking for.  Once you submit your quote and have been contacted by our experienced Account Reps, you will agree that their expert technology and application advice has played a major part in helping you make the best educated decision on your purchased.  

We do not sell products, we provide solutions!

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Biodirect is a Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business

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