A Fan Favorite...MJ Research Thermal Cyclers

Are you a huge fan of the MJ Research (BioRad) thermal cyclers?  Do you love these little work horses?  Are you not comfortable with changing over to newer technology that is not necessarily as reliable as these beauties are?  Well, Biodirect can help.  We are the premier supplier and servicer of certified, pre-owned MJ Research Thermal Cyclers.  

When you purchase a Dyad, Tetrad or Tetrad 2 from us, it has gone through a variety of upgrades and testing before it leaves our facility.  Here is a small sampling of the extensive refurbishment and testing process done on these instruments...

  1.  Lid is adjusted and operation tested.
  2.  Alpha handle operation is checked.
  3.  DNA Engine Base is inspected including boards.
  4.  Check that all ECO's/Technical Bulletins have been incorporated.
  5.  Mechanical checks done on the base with an installed block.  This includes the keyboard and all connections and fittings.
  6.  Self-Test is run.
  7.  A Kapton upgrade is performed on all blocks and TE Modules replaced if necessary.
  8.  TAS16 Performance Certification is performed.  Block must have an average uniformity of less than 1 Degree Celcius.
  9.  Reliability test is is performed by running the TAS Performance Test Program 15 times.




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