Agilent Velocity 11 VSpin Microplate Loader V.2 Microplate Centrifuge:Loader Base

Agilent Velocity 11 Microplate Centrifuge:Loader Base VSpin Microplate Loader V.2

The Access2 is a VSpin™ accessory that loads plates into the VSpin centrifuge if your plate handling robot cannot do it directly. For example, a crane-style robot cannot move a plate horizontally through the VSpin door, but it can drop off a plate vertically onto the Access2 stage. The Access2 gripper head can then load the plate into the VSpin. After a spin, the Access2 gripper head unloads the plate from the VSpin, and places it back on the Access2 plate stage for retrieval by your plate handling robot.

Manufacturer:Agilent Velocity 11
Model No:VSpin Microplate Loader V.2
Product ID:8201

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