Qiagen BioSprint 96 DNA:Sample Prep

Qiagen DNA:Sample Prep BioSprint 96

DNA:Sample Prep: Qiagen: BioSprint 96: 9000852 / 710

For rapid and economical automated preparation of 1–96 samples using magnetic-particle technology
Purification of DNA from cells, tissues, blood, and plant material
Purification of viral DNA and RNA and bacterial DNA from veterinary samples
Cleanup of DNA from amplification reactions
Purification of 6xHis- or Strep-tagged proteins
Economically priced automation saves time and effort

The BioSprint 96 Workstation processes up to 96 samples per run. It comes preinstalled with protocols that enable sample preparation with BioSprint kits. The workstation controls an array of magnetic rods that can attract or release magnetic particles and transfer them from well to well. The sequential transfer of magnetic particles allows a rapid purification procedure to be performed, from the initial binding of target molecules (e.g., genomic DNA) to the particles, through to washing of the particles and elution of pure target molecules. Since the workstation transfers magnetic particles instead of liquids, it uses minimal amounts of reagents, enabling cost-efficient sample preparation.

Model No:BioSprint 96
Model No 2:9000852 / 710
Product ID:5805

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