Biometra TRobot Thermal Cycler:Automated

Biometra Thermal Cycler:Automated TRobot

Thermal Cycler:Automated: Biometra: TRobot: 96 Well

Specially designed for integration in robotic environments

Motorized heated lid
Unique: Motorized plated lifter
Small footprint, external controller

Automization of thermocycling
The TRobot is designed to fulfill the special requirements for integration in an automized environment. Because space is very limited in robotic stations, the TRobot block has been separated from the external controller / power unit. Thanks to the motorized lid, no manual interaction is necessary.

Motorized plate lifter
Removing plates from the block is the major obstacle to automation. Due to their tight fit, plates tend to stick to the block after cycling. If the robotic arm is not able to remove the plate from the block, the whole system halts. To solve this problem, the TRobot shortly lifts the plates from the block as the lid opens. The plates can then be easily removed by the robotic arm.

Software integration
The TRobot control can be integrated at different levels. The fastest and easiest way is the usage of the Biometra Thermocycler Manager software. This software tool can be directly linked to any origin robot software. Alternatively, the TRobot control commands can be directly implemented in the robot control software.

Model No:TRobot
Model No 2:96 Well
Product ID:6947

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