Thermo Scientific ALPS-300 Microplate Sealer:Heat

Thermo Scientific Microplate Sealer:Heat ALPS-300

Microplate Sealer: ABGene: ALPS-300

The Thermo-Sealer is a manual heat sealer ideal for low to medium throughput applications. This compact and portable instrument can seal a wide range of plates of differing heights when supported by plate carriers. The heating element of the sealer is pre-set for optimal sealing conditions to produce permanent or peelable seals when used in conjunction with ABgene’s sealing foil or film sheets. For safety, the heating plate of the sealer faces downwards and a built-in thermostat control prevents overheating.

Manual operation
Compact, lightweight and portable
Compatibility with plates of different heights
Improved shuttle slide mechanism
# CE marked

Input Voltage: 110 V (nominal)
Input Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
Power Consumption: 500 Watts
Fuse Rating: 5 A
Internal Heater: 350 Watts (Ambient to 220°C)
Instrument Housing: Sheet Metal
Dimensions: 140mm x 150mm x 330mm
Sealing Temperature Range: Pre-set temperature settings for optimal sealing

Manufacturer:Thermo Scientific
Model No:ALPS-300
Product ID:ALPS-300

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