Peak Robotics Inc KINEDx Robot Microplate Handler

Peak Robotics Inc Microplate Handler KINEDx Robot

The KiNEDx Robot is a four-axis cylindric al-coordinate manipulate or with unsurpassed reliability and a field-proven design. The innovative tri-link arm is ultra-compact and clears peripheral equipment with ease. All controls are embedded within this robot and a single serial cable connects to the user PC. A universal DLL allows for unlimited choices of integration and scheduling software. Safety overload protection is built in
to both the robot‘s base and the wrist for dependable protection against damage if there is a collision. Power is a safe 24 VDC and the robot consumes less than 150 watts at maximum output. This robot has available options for barcode scanner, linear rail extension, numerous gripper configurations, as well as
0ºC, 40ºC, and high-humidity environments.

300 = 300mm arm stroke
435 = 435mm Z stroke
TGP = Top-Grip-Portrait Pneumatic Gripper

Manufacturer:Peak Robotics Inc
Model No:KINEDx Robot
Model No 2:SC-300x435-TGP
Product ID:8219

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