Beckman Coulter ORCA Robotic Arm Robotic Arm

Beckman Coulter Robotic Arm ORCA Robotic Arm

Microplate Handler: Beckman Coulter: ORCA Robotic Arm

Automate Your Laboratory with the ORCA System - the Optimized Robot for Chemical Analysis
Compact, yet robust, the ORCA® Robotic Arm brings dependable robotic automation to the laboratory with precision and flexibility. ORCA® (Optimized Robot for Chemical Analysis) works reliably with common labware and instrumentation in a space-efficient, time-saving and safe manner. The ORCA® Robotic Arm is a key component of the SAGIAN™ Core System Strate
The ORCA system is engineered to be positionally repeatable, providing reliable long-term, uninterrupted use. The arm traverses a rail that can be located at the front or back of a standard laboratory workbench, or placed in the middle of a table. The "extended envelope" feature enables the arm to operate on both sides of the rail, effectively doubling the useable workspace.
Absolute optical encoders eliminate hard stops and permit ORCA to resume operation from any position. Relative optical encoders and digital servos provide for precise, stable, high-resolution positional feedback.
Unlike heavy-duty industrial robots adapted for laboratory use, the ORCA can be set up quickly and easily, yet still provide the durability and reliability needed for continuous around-the-clock productivity.
Today's biopharmaceutical laboratory is focusing on speed - and automation is the only way to accomplish it. Automating your lab makes finding new drug leads quicker and less expensive by offering significant improvements in efficiency, productivity and reliability. That's why we engineered the first robot developed specifically for the laboratory environment.
The Robotics Advantage
Increase productivity by running unattended 24 hours a day, freeing lab personnel for other valuable tasks.
Improve repeatability by minimizing variability between operators.
Increase safety of laboratory personnel by minimizing repetitive motions and reducing exposure to chemicals and biohazards.
Simplify implementation of standardized procedures and methods.
Improve documentation required for validation.
ORCA System Features and Benefits
Integrated rail provides a large rectilinear work volume that is easily adaptable to existing lab space.
Articulated arm facilitates easy access to a broad range of peripheral instruments.
Rail length upgradeable to meet changing, expanding needs in a cost-effective manner.
Optical encoders and digital servos ensure precise, stable and high-resolution positional feedback.
Force and torque feedback provides fine control of grip and twist.
Interchangeable fingers provide for inexpensive, easy-to-design tools.
Joystick-style teach pendant allows easy teaching of motions, racks and frames.
All cabling is internal to arm for an uncluttered workspace and improved safety.
Reliable Automation
Drug discovery
Genetic analysis
Sample preparation
Quality control / assurance, and
Clinical testing

The ORCA system readily interfaces with other analytical instruments. This includes such laboratory equipment as:

Liquid dispensers, and
Chromatography systems

The robot can handle most typical labware items such as:

Microtiter Plates
tubes, and

The Flexibility of the ORCA Robotic Arm allows you to easily:

Remove, or
relocate instruments

Manufacturer:Beckman Coulter
Model No:ORCA Robotic Arm
Product ID:5512

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