Hamilton Microlab STARlet Liquid Handler

Hamilton Liquid Handler Microlab STARlet

Liquid Handlers: Hamilton: Microlab Starlet: 173000/00

Platform Deck Size Plate Columns Plate Positions
STARlet 1.0 m 5 25

44.3 in (112.4 cm) 31.3 in (79.5 cm) 39.6 in (100.6 cm) 35.6 in (90.3 cm)

Work Area Dimensions width: 675mm, height: 195mm, depth:

Weight 135 kg (8 channels), 150 kg (96-probe
head and 8 individual channels)

Deck Capacity 30 tracks (T) allow combinations of:
maximum of 30 tube carriers (1 T) holding
24 or 32 tubes per carrier
maximum of 5 carriers (6 T) holding 5 tip
racks or 5 plate positions per carrier

Positional Accuracy X-Y-Z positional accuracy of 0.1mm

Tip Sizes low volume: 10ul, standard volume: 300ul, 50μl tips, high volume: 1000ul. Only for 5ml channel: 5ml tips. Only for 384-probe head:
30ul, 50ul and 4to1 tip adapters.

Needle Sizes low volume: 10ul, standard volume: 300ul, high volume:1000ul, needles available only for individual channels

Liquid Level Detection Individual Channels: Capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and pressure (pLLD) on aspiration, cLLD on dispense, minimum volume
10ul, depending on container type
96- and 384-Probe Head: Capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD)

Operating Data
maximum power consumption 600 VA or 1000 VA (depending on configuration)
voltage 115 V~/230V~
frequency 50 / 60 Hz ± 5%
delayed action fuse 115 V~: 6.3 A, 230 V~: 3.15 A
operating temperature range 15 C - 35 C (relative humidity 30% - 85% with no

Model No:Microlab STARlet
Product ID:MLStarlet

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