Thermo Scientific Capit-All Tube Capper:24 Tube

Thermo Scientific Tube Capper:24 Tube Capit-All

Automation General:Tuber Capper/De-Capper: Thermo Scientific: Capit-All

The Thermo Scientific & The Automation Partnership (TAP) Capit-All and Capit-All IS instruments remove and replace screw caps 24- format storage tubes with precision and ease. The instruments' robust design ensures reliable, high throughput access and storage of samples in Thermo Scientific Matrix®, NUNC® and other screw cap storage tubes, while reducing risk of repetitive strain injury.

Enhance Productivity
Decap or recap up to 24 tubes at once in approximately 10 seconds/rack! Automatically remove and replace caps on tubes of differing heights, even in the same rack, as well as tubes not properly seated in racks. The same instrument can process 500 µl or 1.0 ml tube racks with the addition of spacers.

Superior Sample Protection
Safety features ensure racks are loaded in the correct orientation, and they also prevent cross-threading and overtightening of caps. A drip tray prevents sample cross-ontamination of samples. while the instrument’s high-quality engineering ensures samples remain debris-free.

Ease of Use
Simple four-button user interface enables laboratory personnel of any level to operate the instrument.

Full specifications
Operation Hand operation via push buttons
Width (Metric) 35.1cm Width (English) 13.8 in.
Speed Approx. 10 seconds per rack
Height (Metric) 48cm Height (English) 18.9 in.
Net Weight (Metric) 44kg Net Weight (English) 97 lbs.
Decapping Format Decapper for 24 format Matrix tubes
Compatible Storage Tubes Matrix tubes
Power Supply 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Hertz 50/60Hz
Voltage 110 to 240VAC
For Use With 24 Matrix tubes

Manufacturer:Thermo Scientific
Model No:Capit-All
Model No 2:Nunc Screw Top Tubes
Product ID:7475

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