GE Life Sciences ImageQuant Biomolecular Imager

GE Life Sciences Biomolecular Imager ImageQuant

Biomolecular Imager: General Electric: ImageQuant: LAS 4000: ID# 7363

ImageQuant LAS 4000

ImageQuant LAS 4000 is a digital imaging system for sensitive, quantitative imaging of gels, blots, and colonies. ImageQuant LAS 4010 Fully equipped imager that in addition performs ultraviolet (UV) and visible (RGB) fluorescence imaging.

Chemiluminescent and colorimetric signals can be captured in the same image without changing the lens. Optional multifluorescence detection extends functionality to the capture of fluorophores such as Cy2, Cy3, and Cy5 and Deep Purple Total protein stain
Exceptional sensitivity for quantitation of biomolecules labeled with chemiluminescent probes, and expandable to multifluorescent UV, visible, and IR imaging. Allows gel documentation of Coomassie and silver-stained samples
Sensitive detection of less than 40 pg of protein on a Western blot. Sensitivity may be increased by "binning" of up to 8 x 8 pixels and smoothing
Accurate quantitation of closely spaced bands in complex protein samples for gels and films up to 21 x 14 cm (25 x 25 cm using the optional lens). Low noise for longer exposure times and lower background, important for precise quantitation of very weak signals
Distortion, dark frame, and flat frame corrections are applied to each imaging mode for optimal precision and uniform quantitation
Wide linear dynamic range for precise quantitation of faint and dark bands over four orders of magnitude in the same image, avoiding time consuming multiple film exposures

ImageQuant LAS 4000 is designed to quantitate the highly sensitive detection of proteins using Amersham ECL Western blotting reagents. A free combination of light sources and filters can be incorporated into the imager according to your needs.

The system consists of an intelligent dark box, camera, lens, and automated four-position filter wheel with a standard filter for EtBr and open positions for the filters delivered with the optional fluorescent light sources. Focusing, filters, illuminators, and exposure time are remotely controlled by a computer. Simple operation allows adjustment without having to open the cabinet. The intelligent light box provides automation and user safety. UV light sources are housed inside the cabinet, and can only be switched on when the door is closed.

A bright, wide aperture FUJINON F0.85 lens, specially developed for chemiluminescence imaging, projects sharp images onto a patterned CCD chip. By diagonally aligning octogonal pixels, the gap between pixels in the horizontal and vertical planes is reduced. This pattern allows an effective image resolution of 6.3 Mpixels.

The user-friendly control software has several capture modes for achieving optimal sensitivity and dynamic range including increment, repetition, and program modes. For image analysis, advanced and flexible ImageQuant TL software is available separately and comprises a dedicated suite of analysis applications to provide high levels of automation and accuracy in analysis of gels, blots, and colony counting.

General Electric ImageQuant LAS 4000 Biomolecular Imager w/Camera
Mfg. 2009
Operating Temperature 15°C-28°C
Weight 60 kg
Height 900 mm
Operating Humidity 0.3-0.7
Detection Modes A free combination of light sources and filters can be incorporated into the imager according to your needs.
Depth 480 mm
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 0.3 kVA
Cooling type Two-stage thermoelectric module with air circulation
Pixel Size 11 μm
Cooling Temperature -25°C, max -30°C
Complete Packsize 1 Piece
Dynamic Range 16-bit, 4 orders of magnitude
Standard Filters EtBr filter
Scanning Area 21 x 14 cm (25 x 25 cm with SIGMA wide view lens)
Voltage 100/240 V
Width 510 mm
3.0A-1.5A, s/n 9092008 with Camera
Head s/n 9692013

Manufacturer:GE Life Sciences
Model No:ImageQuant
Model No 2:LAS 4000
Product ID:7363

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