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Beckman Coulter Products

Beckman Coulter Products

Biodirect offers a wide range of pre-owned Beckman Coulter liquid handling workstations including the Biomek FX, Biomek NX, and Multimek. Please browse below to view featured Beckman liquid handling products, or use our inventory search module to view other laboratory equipment items not listed on this page.

At Biodirect we raise the bar of assurance for customers purchasing used laboratory equipment - we take ordinary used lab equipment and transform it into certified pre-owned equipment! This means that every item is guaranteed to meet the original manufacturer's specifications and your expectations!

Because we realize our customers' need for automated liquid handlers with proven accuracy and precision, Biodirect has upgraded its liquid handling quality control program. As part of our quality system, the performance of each Beckman liquid handler is validated for precision and accuracy using the Multichannel Verification System (MVS®) from ARTEL. This procedure ensures that you will receive the same or better results from your refurbished equipment as you would from a brand-new automated liquid handler purchased directly from Beckman!