Richard Tula is CEO and Co-Founder of Biodirect Inc.

Mr. Rich Tula is CEO and co-founder of Biodirect, Inc., a biotech equipment reseller established in 2002. Mr. Tula is responsible for the company's strategic direction and alliance partnerships, as well as establishing new client relations which lead to the success in the biotechnology equipment sector. 

Highly respected and well known, Mr. Tula has extensive expertise in mechanical engineering, product development, technology assessments, asset and risk management, and technical support processes. Prior to Biodirect, Mr. Tula was a managing partner at Biomatic Technologies Inc. (BTI), where he developed the key "one source" business model. BTI was acquired by Perkin Elmer in 2005. Prior to BTI, Mr. Tula was the International Marketing Manager for Comdisco's Lab and Scientific Group (CLSG), a publicly traded Fortune 500 company. He has over 22 years experience in federal, biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical business markets. Mr. Tula has also written technical papers on laboratory related technologies, and has been a national speaker regarding asset management, risk and lifecycle management, laboratory workflow efficiency, and facility security.

Mr. Tula has a biomedical engineering degree from the Community College of the Air Force, Colorado Community College, and Pierce College. He volunteers with inner city kids helping with personal growth and education. In addition, he donates equipment for the establishment of molecular biology labs for high schools. Mr. Tula is also an avid proponent of environmentally-friendly "green" building technology.

Francine Tula is CFO and Co-founder of Biodirect

Ms. Francine Tula is CFO and co-founder of Biodirect, Inc., a biotech equipment reseller established in 2002. Ms. Tula is responsible for the company's financial and fiscal management aspects of company operations. She provides leadership and coordination in the administrative, business planning, accounting, and budgeting efforts of Biodirect.

Maintaining a key role in the financial and operations aspects of Biodirect, Ms. Tula develops and implements finance, accounting, billing, and auditing procedures for the firm. She also maintains appropriate internal control safeguards. Prior to Biodirect, Ms. Tula managed a design and consulting firm.

Ms. Tula volunteers her time working with underprivileged women to assist in the advancement of personal growth and education, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and self-empowerment. Her philanthropic programs support health-related initiatives and funding of fresh water well drilling and sanitation projects in India. She also contributes to the funding of orphanages across the globe.

Ms. Tula is an avid proponent of "green" technology, and was instrumental in designing their own energy-efficient (icf-insulated concrete forms) home.